Baja BE500 Governor

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Does anybody know how to disable the governor on a Baja BE500 scooter?

My Baja BE500 has five kilometers on the odometer and has a top speed of three MPH. Even though the battery is fully charged and the battery output measures 53 volts, I can prevent the scooter from moving by simply putting my feet on the ground. The power output is anemic.

My owners manual states that "The governor wire plug is located in the right hand grip housing." "With the governor unplugged, the motor will reach a maximum speed of 30mph." I popped the governor cover plate and found a transistor soldered onto a three-wire cable. This appears to be a messy soldering job with no insulation on the transistor leads. If I pull the wire and transistor out slightly, the scooter will not work at all. If I position the transistor back into its cubby hole, the scooter operates as described in the first paragraph. Any insight on this problem will be greatly appreciated.


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