Battery Charging

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Basics of charging battery packs - primary focus on Lead-Acid

(NOTE This is a very old posting (August 2005) I had on which is being copied to here - this needs to be updated with new information TODO)

Batteries are simply a storage means for electricity. They do not in themselves generate electricity, so any electricity coming from a battery has to come from elsewhere.

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Baja Motorsports BE 500

Just purchased a Baja Motorsports BE 500. I have noticed a lot of complaints about charging the batteries. I discovered, after trying unsuccessfully to recharge mine, that there is a Canadian version of the owners' manual onlne. It is almost identicle to the US version but it says,"make sure the MASTER SWITCH is turned ON when charging". This is the reverse of what it says in my manual. I tried it and the batteries immediately started to charge. Just thought I'd pass that on. I don't know how that important detail was overlooked. I hope it helps you out.

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