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Energy Density and Power Density in Batteries and Electric Vehicles

Power density is the core measure controlling the speed and range you can get with a given vehicle. Power density controls the quantity of electricity you can store within a given space, and is measured two ways: (For more about these units see

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Electrical Basics covering batteries in electric vehicles

The next electrical measurement of interest is "kilowatt-hours".

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Battery pack power density and energy density

Energy Density and Power Density are two ways to measure the speed and range you can get with a given vehicle. Each vehicle has a maximum weight it can carry, and a maximum volume or size it can carry. Together those form a budget into which you fit the people, cargo, drive train, electronics, and battery pack.

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Basic battery pack wiring to achieve specific voltage and amp-hour capacities

Refer to Electrical basic measurements and values for basic electric vehicle for basic electrical values. More details about batteries are in: EV Batteries


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