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ERider 5000w

Well I heard yesterday that my 5000w scooter has been picked up at Melbourne and should be delivered to my home in Canberra this Friday may 6th!

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Cafe Racer/Tracker build in New Zealand

After years of looking at motorbikes, riding some, dreaming about owning or buiding one, I have finally settled on building a cafe racer/tracker style electric motorcycle. I've just bought a 1986 Honda CBX250 rolling frame and am currently investigating all electric components.

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Need help with brushless wiring

I'm new to this site. I was wondering is someone could help me with the wiring on my project. I have a mars brushless motor and a kelly KBL48301 controller. (I purchased the motor from briggs and stratton outlet and they said it is an etek motor. After receiving the motor I believe it is a mars. I guess it is a direct replacement.) Anyway I'm having some trouble wiring the hall sensor and can't seem to find a wiring diagram. I am told there are 2 power wires and 3 hall sensor wires. Does anyone know which color wires from the motor should be connected to the controller. Thanks.

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Upgrading my Electra Voy Bicycle

I bought a used ebike purely for the experience of upgrading it.

I stared with a Electra Voy bike/scooter which I found on Craigslist and boght for $150. It has a 36V lead acid battery set which feed a 180W hub motor.
My ultimate goal (and I have all ready ordered parts) is to upgrade it to a 48V, 1000W, LiFePo4 system with regen breaking.
I ordered the motor and controller (with regen breaking) from "Golden Motor" ($400), and the LiFePo4 battery with Battery Management System from a Chinese distributor through ebay($400).

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Solar Powered Portable Generator to Recharge my Electric Bike.

We have always wanted to become energy independent. We ware finally able to do it a few years ago when we got our 3 kilowatt photo voltaic system. By then we thought we only needed our electric vehicle to become independent from the oil companies. We got ourselves a XB-700Li Lithium power scooter on August 2008. We advertise the scooter as a Solar Powered in our area. People ask us how we power the scooter with the sun. For people familiar with Photovoltaic systems ask me where the solar panels are.

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