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Excuses that I get daily as to why an electric car could never suit peoples life style.

Some of the excuses that I get daily as to why an electric car could never suit peoples life style.

1. "I need a car that could go 300km at a time."

* Average daily round trip is less than 64.37 km (40 miles)
* Most electric cars can handle a 100km trip on a single charge.

2. "Electric cars cost to much to convert a car to electric"

* You can convert a car with off the shelf parts from $5,000.00 to $10,000.00
* Convert your next car to electric instead of buying another "Dino Drinker".

3. "My hydro bill will go through the roof charging a electric car"

* Charging a electric car costs $0.026 per km (0.016 miles)
* Oven 58 kilowatts per hour $0.638 per hour


I have a commute of 133 km (82.64 miles) x $.026 per km is will cost us $3.46 per day, 4 days per week $13.84 per week, 4 weeks per month $55.36, full year $664.32

Presently I spend $60 per week on "Dino Juice" x 52 weeks = $3120.00 - $664.32 = $2464.88 saved each year.

So if a car cost $10,000.00 to convert will have a payback date in just over 4 years but your normal "Dino Drinker" would have no payback time. Our car will cost just over $2000.00 to convert having a targeted payback of just under a year.

4. "Electric cars are to slow"

5. "I don't know how to fix a electric car, what if it breaks down? it sounds scary"

* You probably don't know how to fix a normal gas car either.
* Instead you just call a electrician or replace a fuse.

6. "What if I need to go on a longer trip"

* With all that money you saved that you were going to spend anyway, rent a nice car, swap with a "good" friend or family member, I don't think that they will mind saving money and looking cool.

A new electric quad


on local Auto Show
open top


without painting
road test1
road test2
road test3

compact microcar


Batteries, batteries, and more batteries.

In the beginning, there were a few battery manufacturers that you could go to for electric car applications.
That was a bad thing.
There was practically no competition, and the few manufacturers knew this, and so would set extremely restrictive conditions for purchasing their batteries.
Among them were,
1. We're going to take a long time. Don't hold your breath.
2. We'll need an unbreakable commitment for a large quantity ahead of time, whether you're going to need all of them or not.
3. Large minimum purchase quantities/cost.
4. Wrong format? Take it or leave it (one company delivered batteries that were TAPED together, rather than deliver them separated for the car manufacturer to secure using more robust means.)
5. Wrong specs? Again, take it or leave it.
6. Did we mention we want lots of money?

Alan Cocconi came up with a novel solution to all this;
Take advantage of the intense competition between laptop battery manufacturers, and you will get the most energy in the smallest space (and least weight) for the least cost.
The only caveat to this method was that you would have to weld thousands of 18650 (a number that relates to the cell dimensions in mm's) together to power a car.
Well, so be it.
Each eBox we make uses 5,088 cells, most of which are in parallel for current, and then in series for voltage.
I've got help now, and that's a rare thing. The third weld station is now operational, and the preliminary numbers on the output from these machines support making the necessary quantities of modules to meet our eBox production schedule.
It's pretty exciting to see it all come together like this, especially during a recession, but I guess electric cars will be a much more effective means of bringing jobs and our economy back from the brink than it ever was before.
We'll see. - George


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