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Today was a great day. A big victory in my little EV world. I rode the CBR to my friends house. He just about flipped out. "Dude! Your NUTS! That thing is cool! You totally snuk up on me!" ( he was working in the yard when I silently drove up). :)
My 14 year old niece came over for the day to visit, and I gave her the very first ride as a passenger on the bike. Pretty neat. Then she drove every other EV we have, taking turns on each one all day long. It was a great EV day, and all 5 EV's were running great.
Just for the fun ot it, we added up the total voltage for all 5 EVs. It adds up to 228 Volts. I guess what separates the men from the boys though is Amps right? ;)
Also, Friday night we took the Elec-Trak electric tractor to the local fair, and pulled it in the garden tractor pull.
What a blast that was. The announcer had a lot of fun with it. He would tell everyone in the crowd, "now everyone be quiet and listen to this motor run". My wife said the whole place went silent! The tractor pulled 93 feet, and the longest pull by a well tuned ICE tractor was 107 feet. Out of 15 tractors in the class, the Elec-Trac finished about 10th, with only about 5 feet in distance separating the rest of the field. The people really enjoyed watching it pull, and I was approched by several that had never seen one, or remembered them years ago. I went home with another big giant EV grin.
Thanks again to all who posted such great and useful information, and taking the time to explain things in laymans terms, separating fact from fiction, and good product recommendations.
I hope to provide some video and speed/range data as soon as the CBR is registered for the road.

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