The motor groans

While nearly at work this morning the hub motor on the Gelato started to make an odd groaning/grunting noise at low speed. At higher speeds the sound stopped. The sound made it seem like it was working hard to get started. Luckily it was less than 100 yards from work.. I put the bike on its stand so the back wheel was not on the ground and turned the throttle. It still made the same noise. At one point the wheel did not even turn without some urging. Once it was going it turned without a problem. All of this was after about 4 miles of riding.

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My Gelato

I've been looking for an electric scooter for about a year. I wanted to start with something inexpensive to see how it goes before spending any real money. Seeing that spring is here and the price of gas is going up again it was time to make the jump. My requirements were: it had to cost less than $400, did not require special registration or licensing, and had pedals.

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