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In case you're still thinking about a Crystalyte 5 series

Just a bit of info for anyone who's thinking about a 5 series. There's a lot of info on the net, some of which is contradictory, so maybe this will help.

I started off with a Clyte 409 kit running on a 4820 controller and a Crystalyte Lithium 38v 9A battery. Despite all the talk of torque it's prettty anaemic in Malta which is all hills. I was looking for a motorbike substitute and this wasn't it.

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48V Ping - Brushless Wilderness Tests

11/16/2008 - 1st Long Ride (~5miles): Stable, smooth performance. About 23-24mph on flats. Very quiet. Some cogging at startup, but soon goes away. Some vibration up the steepest hills without pedaling. Pedal-first controller is smooth and kicks in about 3mph or less. May opt for the "shunt mod" in the future to double the current (40A). Bike uses a shimano internal hub shifter, which is a great match to the hub motor: very easy shifting. Highest gear is just barely acceptable for pedal assist on the flats & downhill.

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