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Dimensions: 71” x 26” x 42”
Seat height: 29-30”
Tires: 16” x 3”
Front Shocks: Premium Dual Front Fork Shock Absorbers
Rear Shocks: Dual L:270 shock abosorbers for maximum comfort
Brakes: Front Drum Brake, Rear Servo Brake
Controller: The brains of the vehicle interfaces the batteries and motor: 48 volt/ 25-26 Amp
Dashboard: A sophisticated instrument pod displays speed, voltage, lighting, system staus, charging status on an easy to read display.
Lights: Hi/low Beam Headlight, Turn Signals, Tail Light
Seat: Comfort Motorcycle style
Motor: 850 Watt Brushless Hub Motor with peak 1250 watt rating
Batteries: 48 Volt 20 Am Hours High Power Sealed Lead Acid
Charger: 48 Volt DC Output, 120 Volt AC Input intelligent Electronic
Charging Time: Dependant on use! 4 - 6 Hours
Max Speed: 20 mph +
Torque: 26 N.M., climbs up to 25º hill
Range: 35 - 42 miles depending on Riders Weight, Road Conditions Etc
Normal Load recommended: Load 220 lbs.
Maximum Load: 300 lbs.
Weight of Cruiser: 177 lbs.(including 62 lb.Battery Pack)
Assembly: Pedals, Front tire, Front Fender (10 - 15 minutes)
Security: Remote Alarm System, Locking Trunk & Seat Storage
Stands: Steel, black, with both double and side stand
Pedals: Pedals for meeting ebike legal requirements
$785 plus shipping

Rear Locking Trunk: $25.00
Windshield: $28.95
This nicely sized windshield sells for $49.95 at most internet locations. We think this add so much to your Town & Country experience that we tempt you to buy it at $28.95 with no extra shipping if you purchase it at the same time we ship your 643 Town & Country Ebike.

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Zapino Specifications:
Motor: 3000W Super efficent brushless hub motor
Max Torque: 120NM/900RPM
Max Speed: about 30 mph
Range: up to 30 miles each charge*
Brake: Rear and front disc
Weight Limit: 280 lbs.
Battery: 60V Green saver silicone batteries
Net Weight: 297 lbs. (including battery)
Optional Upgrade: Replace with 60v40AH Lithium battery
for a range of up to 75 miles
Climbing ability: 25% slope with a 177 lb rider.*
* Factors such as weather, terrain, load may affect results.

3000 peak watts, 60 volts
Intelligent Controller and DBI-digita
This is the most powerful electric scooter in its class

l battery indicator System
* This is the only one in the field of E-Scooters


Build Your Own Electric Vehicle You need this book if you want to build your own EV

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