yellow wrench

Vectrix error codes, yellow wrench warnings

Hello all.
Feel free to add codes you've experienced, plus implications & solutions. I'll try and collate as many of them as I can from the site as I browse.
It would be useful to know what software version was being run, & how old your Vectrix is.
Right: Let's get the ball rolling...

no ts: Implications unknown as yet. Bike runs ok (only just got it though). Second hand 08 Vectrix, latest software (2010)

Encoder Studies

How It Started
After three years of spotless performance, this June the yellow wrench lamp lit up when I not even knew an Encodr fault message existed. As suggested by Mik I hesitantly opened the encoder cover and found a lot of fine black powder.

Mixed Results From Cleaning
The first time around, I just vacuumed the interior, used window cleaner and placed back the original seal,

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