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X-treme XB-508

Number of wheels: 

First Year : Getting use to Bike
Second Year : Made some X-tender Pack prototypes.
Third Year : Dropped 10AHr X-tender, it was too heavy, no performance gain. Made packs out of plastic boxes and better wiring.
Recently had a meltdown with original batteries. Had to replace with 12V 12AHr batteries. Still testing and tinkering.

Four 12Volt 12AHr SLA, optional X-tender Pack {5AHr SetUp (Four 12Volt 5AHr SLA); 7AHr SetUp (Four 12Volt 7AHr SLA)}
Brushless Hub Motor
Cable, Wisconsin
Miles as an EV: 
Top speed: 
24 mph
Typical range: 
17 miles with stock 12AHr; 21 miles with 5AHr X-tender Pack (17AHr total)
System Voltage: 
Vehicle maker: 
Vehicle Type: 
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