Modified Board

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Typical range: 
twice around the block,more with nimh to be reported at a late date
Top speed: 

This is a conversion of a chinese knock off of the BMW street carver as designed
by Rudi Meuller. It was a short board of 150 watts and a 3 button wireless controller
that featured slow acceleration and braking ramps. This is a nice feature, actually.
I made it into a long board ( 48 inch ) and added a bigger 450 watt Unite motors MY-7618
24V motor.
I have a hitech R/C transmitter and reciever going to a Jetti 80 amp brushed speed
controller. It also has a deadman's switch so if you step off it shuts down.
The original 7 Ah SLA batteries would only deliver 4 aH's at the power levels the
450 watt motor requires. I have since changed to 4 aH Elite brand Nimh sub-c batteries
( 20 total). This saved over 10 pounds! These deliver enough instantaneous amps that the HTD belt snapped on the first try with the Elites! A new belt is on order. More to come.

Seating capacity: 
On a skateboard??
A hot mamma
HTD belt
MY-6812 ,brushed
Number of wheels: 
Jetti 80 amp brushed
Hitech R/C charger
20, Elite 4000mah Nimh
Method for 12v system: 
Miles as an EV: 
2 miles per charge. SLA's fail at 20 amp load,just installed Nimh
Curb weight: 
25 lbs. with nimh
Conversion time and cost: 
Rietti short board,150 watt, to long board 450 watt . $130 for board,$75 motor,$100 batteries,free controller,$75 R/C equip.

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Re: Modified Board


Re: Modified Board

Hello Bob,

Sweet looking ride I must say. I'm an engineering student from Finland starting my own e-board project. Bit of noob to electronics, so I still have some issues involing what parts I need. Finding parts is the hardest part as they all need to be ordered from abroad.

I'm also going to use an MY7816 motor, but my problem comes with the receiver/controller. Is your receiver directly connected to the controller, or did you have to do any tweaking. Is your 80amp Jeti originally meant for e-scooters to be used with a manual throttle?

I haven't found any info anywhere whether the controllers can receive directly from a PWM receiver and at what voltage. Can you help me at all in this sector? Can you share your controller and receivers exact models?


Re: Modified Board

fantastic work Bob,
thanks for the info...
I have a question for anyone who may be able to help.. The electronics died on my unit so I replaced them with this:
it works great on the bench but when I'm riding it sometimes it won't switch off. I've tested the transmitter range so I dont' see this as the issue, I'm guessing it may be due to emf from the motor. I've used a separate battery for the control voltage but it had no effect.
Any one care to guess?
BTW I took the hardware off the rietti board and mounted it on a pretty cool deck, , check it out:

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