Daymak AUSTIN eBike

Watt-hours per mile: 
Motor Power 500W, Torque 32-55 Nm, Climbing Angle 12-15 Degrees
Typical range: 
40-50 km estimated
Top speed: 
35 km/h so far

I just got my first eBike, the Daymak Austin.
Does anyone else have one? I'd like to share info and experience with similar models of eBikes.

Seating capacity: 
rare earth magnet
Rear Wheel Hub
Number of wheels: 
Working Style Throttle control
external plugin with cooling fan
Battery 48V 20AH Sealed lead acid
Toronto West
Miles as an EV: 
Run distance Up to 50 kms.
twin head lights, signals, taillight
Curb weight: 
Net Weight 36 kg w/o battery and 72 kg w/ battery, max 150 kg payload

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Re: Daymak AUSTIN eBike

Just took a look at your ebike online. That looks basically just like my xb600 from x-treme scooters ( Probably out of the same factory. Lots of comments about these here and there on the forum. Just search on the name XB600. Latest and most interesting are the posts by Zerogas....who put a shunt in the controller and increased the speed from the 20mph tops to 25 and 20 going up hills. If that wasn't improvement enough he added another battery bringing the voltage to 60v...and now he gets 25-28 I believe riding up hills and 30mph on the flats. That is a major increase! Now, having said all that I haven't modded mine that way YET (planning on it) but I've been very pleased with it and have about 1200 miles on it...ride it to work every day...and have had it almost a year.

Course I'm waiting for the newest ebike xtreme is going to have out in July (according to dealers) which is the 700li....lithium batteries, 700 watts, 40 miles range and lighter than yours or mine...and who knows what speed.



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