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Electra/Voy/Scoot 'n' Go Phantom 4

head light, tail light, turn signals, and brake light
Number of wheels: 
3 12volt 12 amphour
Conversion time and cost: 
hub motor
Miles as an EV: 
Portland, ME
Seating capacity: 
Top speed: 
Typical range: 
Vehicle maker: 
Vehicle Type: 
System Voltage: 
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Just acquired one of these from craigslist, so my new PROJECT came fully ebquiped with rusty fasteners, cobwebs and dead insects (basement kept). I didn't even know what the thing was, since there were no markings, and had to "reverse engineer" the ID based on the battery! I got the thing, and an electric skateboard for $35.00 bucks, sans chargers. In other words, I now have a "PROJECT" (YIPEE!) to compliment the perfect storm of mid-life woes (lost job, 50, yada, yada, etc.) I gather the company that sold this thing went under, and parts sources may be limited, so my questions are as follows:
1. I found the owners manual on line, but there is little tech info. Is there a source for wiring diagrams, etc?
2. Can I replace the really dubious looking factory wiring harness with a "generic"? (i.e., make a new harness from say Radio Shack stock and connectors?)
3. Is there a comparable bike, made by an un-dead company that I can buy the parts for and swap into this bike?
4. Don't know that much about this technology, so keep it simple.
5. Charger, I need a charger!
6. Batteries: a good generic replacement recomendation.
Thanks, and god help me...

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Please start posting questions in the forums... The answer to most of your questions is YES.

The only undead company I know of in this field is at

Okay: will re-post to forum.

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