Aussie review of the iMiev - 2010 Mitsubishi i-MiEV Electric Video Car Review - NRMA Drivers Seat

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Join Tim Pomroy and Jaedene Hudson from NRMA Drivers Seat as they get behind the wheel of Mitsubishi's electric powered i-MiEV.

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The iMev is heavily touted in Australia by government and media alike. This is curious, since the iMev is not on sale to the general public, and the local Australian EV production manufacturer struggles to gain any recognition in Australia.

The Australian made 'Blade Electron', is now in it's 5th year of manufacture, and retails to the general public throughout Australia and the South Pacific. Having driven both cars,I can attest to the superior quality and 'real world' performance of the Blade Electron EV over the imported iMev.


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