why have vectrix changed indicator time.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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had vectrix back from dealer as had few issues needed sorting out. one being software upgrade that was meant to look after the batteries .i didnt now that they was going to change the time delay in the software from the standard 15 seconds .......... to 20 seconds this is totally ludicrous in my mind.
no to mention dangerous .if you was going to try this out you would no how dangerous it is .!!!
what is the point 20 seconds buy witch time a car /truck has pulled out in front of you smash...
i have noticed the other day when cleaning the vectrix. that the chrome cover that covers the motor on the rear wheel has bubbled up and looks like its come away from the plastic cover thats its meant to be stuck too.
doesn't look like it will last long . wonder what has coursed this mybe too much heat..?????
or just poor diping prosedures.????CIMG0077.jpg (41.52 KB)

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