lets see how much it would cost to convet ???

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dear all i am trying to find out how much it woul cost the vectrix scooter to do real distances.
that would not leave us stranded? and also need to be 2000 cycles+ thats charges
and a battrey thats not too sesitive to little changes and can take some punishment?
and need to fill the battery compartment fully ? what are we talking about in way of dimentions ??
bms needed and can currant charger be slightley converted or
is needed totally new charger as i suspect??
i think / no that the vectrix is the best on the market at the moment but i no that the / my other e bike is e-max scooter
and know for a fact that it will do 60 miles per charge great fo old fashoned tecnology inway of
batterys silicone gel thats probbley vectrix company know that the germans are so good when it comes to tecnologey thats
why they are using the e-max scooter 110s as there...?????????????????????? VX-2 VX-2

ALL comment much apreshated .. vectrix is the best scooter quality but its up to us to make it
the best range out there come on lads help wanted


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