Gauges installed on Lectra

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Today I installed some of the gauges on the Lectra. I don't quite like how these came out so I'll probably be redoing it later. I have a spedometer, a volt meter, and an ammeter. The last two are analog gauges which came with the bike.

Dunno if the gauges are accurate but it was interesting watching them while riding. The trouble is it's real dark out and they were hard to read. Anyway, if it's accurate, hitting the throttle at full off the line makes for a 350A draw for a couple seconds which then backs off pretty rapidly to 200A, and cruising at speed draws anywhere between 0-100A.

The spedometer, if accurate, is showing it's very easy to go 40 miles/hr and I had some moments at 50 miles/hr.

I stopped downtown for dinner and when getting ready to ride away some guys noticed this strange motorcycle with wires hanging out all over it, and they asked "uh.. is that electric?". So we talked about it for a couple minutes. One thought it looked dangerous, and I said "it's no more dangerous than any other motorcycle" .. I thought somehow this guy thought the batteries were dangerous or something. Well, he said with the wires hanging out all over like they are, that's what he thought was dangerous.

The bike is in an advanced state of incompleteness. The wiring is mostly tied down but there's a few things I haven't straightened out yet. And there isn't a cover in the area that would be the gas tank on a regular motorcycle. So, yeah, there's a few wires hanging out right now. It's still being finished...

As they walked away I thought to myself -- this is Silicon Valley, of course there's gonna be some geek riding an electric motorcycle that looks like a rolling science experiment.


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