Currie Ezip 750 questions

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Howdy! i just purchased an ezip 750 -
a parts list -

Ive tried to find more information about adding another battery. My understanding is that one of two things will happen-
1. add another SLA 12v10a battery, (series/paralel, cant remember), and it will run @ 36v. This will give higher top speed, and better acceleration (also more heat etc)

2. Magic smoke, followed by purchasing a new controller and throttle and batteries, the motor will likely be fine.

As for the sprockets, more teeth = more torque, less teeth = more speed ?

Is it safe to replace the SLA batteries with the lifpo ones i keep reading about? ie will it shorten motor life, controlelr life etc etc or is it like i think, and that it doesnt care what the source is, as long as its 12v10a DC ?

Side note- florida sucks =-( so many crazy laws here about what you can and cant ride/drive etc. Im disabled, and very young, i REALLY dont want to ride a dang old-person scooter..... so this is my solution lol

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Re: Currie Ezip 750 questions

I can't address the controller issue, but if you replace the batteries with LiFePo batteries, you will also need an expensive battery management system (BMS). You can buy it all as an integrated unit, but it isn't cheap.

As for sprockets, it depends which one you mean. With the front sprocket, which is the cheaper one to replace, fewer teeth means more torque and less speed, and vice versa. The problem is that each tooth added or removed has a large effect, so you can only change the front sprocket if you need a fairly big change. With the rear sprocket the more teeth you add, the higher the torque and the lower the speed, and vice versa. Rear sprockets are more expensive, and you often have to either lengthen or shorten the chain, but you can "tune" the drive ratio more finely, because each tooth added or removed makes a much smaller difference.

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Re: Currie Ezip 750 questions

1-it's a 24 volt design, not 12
2-if you add a third cell, where's it gonna go
3-overvolting will torch the controller/throttle but the batteries will survive and the motor might
4-what is your goal? Save your money before you start me off list


JTH/Amp Brothers Electric Cycles/MI

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