ZEV 12.2 kw LRC

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For 2015 ZEV Electric raised the power again for the flagship LRC. Now to 12.2 kw continuous power. http://www.zelectricvehicle.com/22.html

Large bikes attract large riders and we needed more lugging power longer grades for higher loads. The amps were increased slightly and the number of Mosfet increased by 30% to handle these special needs. Of course, the side effect is a little more top speed.

In the hands of customers, the bikes have been returning 80-90 mile range at Interstate commuting speeds, and 140 mile range if driven in city or at 55 mph two lane type cruising.

This bike is getting huge interest spurred as a result of growing interest in big scooters and the BMW introduction. The LRC has twice the range of the BMW, is 15 mph faster, has about 4-5 times the storage, much better wind and weather protection, and according to the BMW web site, and whopping 100 lbs lighter despite having a much larger battery pack.

The real competitor for the BMW was intended to be the new S-8500 LR, which has the same speed and range as the BMW, is the same size, but is only about 1/2 the price of the BMW.


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Re: ZEV 12.2 kw LRC

Hi all,

New to the forums and I have been lurking while I looked up information on my new ZEV 12.2 KW LRC. I just took delivery of it about a week ago and thought I would help others out who were looking for information like myself on this particular motorbike.

My typical use of the scooter is for a 80 miles round trip commute in heavy Atlanta traffic. Mainly stop and go traffic with a few stretches going up to 80+mph. Range is enormous on this bike and I have zero 'range inhibition' when using it. That was one of my main concerns when sourcing an electric bike. I don't have to baby it either. I run at full throttle when the conditions permit and just use the 3 levels of 'gearing' to save energy when stuck in slower traffic.

Any other questions just let me know.


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Re: ZEV 12.2 kw LRC

Would you be able to give us another update on your ZEV? I love the look of this cycle and would love to get one as well. Where are you located? Do you recharge before you come home? What is the longest ride that you have taken with the bike on one charge and have you done a full day trip where you go say 100 miles and then charge the bike full before you return? Would you purchase a faster charger than the one that came with the cycle?

I will stop here and see if you reply. Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!!


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