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Dealer Deals Mountain's Newest E Motorcycle 3000W,peak power 4000W Gman
Gman's picture
1 total SynergeticEconomy 8 years 44 weeks ago
Dealer Deals New EFUN-D for sale CHEAP! nogaselectric
5 total nogaselectric 6 years 9 weeks ago
Dealer Deals "XB" Electric Bikes now with Longer Warranties ArcticFox
ArcticFox's picture
1 total Anonymous 8 years 21 weeks ago
Official Announcements 'mysite' working again Webmaster
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0 total Webmaster 8 years 24 weeks ago
Product Announcements **NEW** - XM-5000Li Coming in 3 weeks... jdh2550_1
jdh2550_1's picture
0 total jdh2550_1 7 years 31 weeks ago
Product Announcements 120V 10KW 13" hub motor for motor/scooter proempiet
8 total Mik 6 years 6 weeks ago
Sell 1971 Karmann Ghia conversion - soft top, white walls - 50 miles range reikiman
reikiman's picture
6 total LCJUTILA 1 year 14 weeks ago
Product Announcements 20/30C LiFePO4 cells - A123 alternative... maximusrc
6 total CaddyFanatic2 7 years 51 weeks ago
Sell 2007 Vectrix VX-1 dhawkin
0 total dhawkin 1 year 31 weeks ago
Sell 2007 VECTRIX VX-1 FOR SALE $1000 OBO / SELLING FOR PARTS / BATTERY DIED electric_boogie
electric_boogie's picture
0 total electric_boogie 29 weeks 3 days ago
Product Announcements 2009 Veken Hybrids - significant upgrades! HomelessOnWheels
HomelessOnWheels's picture
5 total warranty dude 6 years 51 weeks ago
Product Announcements 200w-500w-1000w3000W-5000w Brushless DC Hub Motor and controller for Electric Scooter/bike/motorcycle electric_motorc...
electric_motorcycle_china's picture
1 total electric_motorc... 6 years 5 weeks ago
Product Announcements 2012 BTN new catalog of electric bike kit Ebikeparts
Ebikeparts's picture
1 total Ebikeparts 4 years 8 weeks ago
Dealer Deals 3000 watt motor, 80v controller, 5 x 50ah VRLA, throttle, controller, wheels, all for $1999 rms401
1 total dnsteiner 6 years 45 weeks ago
Dealer Deals 3000W scooter from Efun for sale proton
proton's picture
1 total raynman75006 8 years 32 weeks ago
Dealer Deals 30v Battery Charger timothy112007
1 total andrew 8 years 14 weeks ago
Product Announcements 30v SLA battery charger timothy112007
0 total timothy112007 8 years 15 weeks ago
Dealer Deals 3500Li style unit proton
proton's picture
1 total garygid 7 years 27 weeks ago
Product Announcements 4 to 24-cell Battery Management System (BMS) chas_stevenson
chas_stevenson's picture
6 total high voltage an... 4 years 28 weeks ago
Dealer Deals 48v 1000w ebike 70Kph+ (40Mph+) FASTEST ebike edealsbargains
7 total JLGRAU 5 years 8 weeks ago
Product Announcements 48V 30AH LiFePo4 battery yesabattery
1 total reikiman 7 years 25 weeks ago
Product Announcements 5000W Electric Motorcycle wsbruce
14 total reikiman 7 years 46 weeks ago
Dealer Deals 50mph lead-acid in stock. Make me an offer. DanCar
0 total DanCar 8 years 21 weeks ago
Dealer Deals 55Ah cell group buy proton
proton's picture
0 total proton 7 years 30 weeks ago
Sell 60v 40ah lithium iron phosphate battery pack for sale Piers
1 total yugtcefrep 26 weeks 4 days ago
Dealer Deals 60V lead acid battery balancer BEQ-LA-5-100 in stock: $219 plus s+h jdh2550_1
jdh2550_1's picture
7 total jdh2550_1 7 years 41 weeks ago
Product Announcements 6kw Adult size E-ATV with 2 hub motor drive Mountain chen
8 total RedKing73 7 years 20 weeks ago
Dealer Deals 72V 1500W Controllers FOR SALE - UK VENDOR Zenid
Zenid's picture
4 total Zenid 5 years 15 weeks ago
Small electric scooters and pocket bikes, Product Announcements A More Powerful Battery For Go Motorboard stefanrahovean
stefanrahovean's picture
2 total stefanrahovean 4 years 27 weeks ago
Official Announcements Added support for external video and images Webmaster
Webmaster's picture
10 total Board Moderator 8 years 41 weeks ago
Official Announcements Additional toys for V is for Voltage chas_stevenson
chas_stevenson's picture
4 total chas_stevenson 8 years 42 weeks ago
Product Announcements Advancing style bms eva-michael
eva-michael's picture
3 total eva-michael 6 years 11 weeks ago
Product Announcements Aftermarket Technology Corp. Announces Supply Agreements With Three Customers for NuVinci (TM) CVP Technology chas_stevenson
chas_stevenson's picture
1 total davew 9 years 21 weeks ago
Dealer Deals Alliance Renewable Energy greenation
greenation's picture
25 total Galago 4 years 5 days ago
Product Announcements Announcement on power-assist from LifeBATT reikiman
reikiman's picture
0 total reikiman 8 years 14 weeks ago
Product Announcements Announcing WikiPik - and proposing a place to organize our data greatguru
8 total greatguru 7 years 41 weeks ago
Official Announcements Anti-spammer measures -- re: Congratulations! You have joined a new role Webmaster
Webmaster's picture
1 total reikiman 3 years 33 weeks ago
Dealer Deals Anybody want to build a high end something or other? -- EV1 motor on eBay reikiman
reikiman's picture
0 total reikiman 4 years 39 weeks ago
Dealer Deals Anyone located in Albuquerque? DanCar
1 total ArcticFox 7 years 41 weeks ago
Dealer Deals Aotema Hub Motor Kit Sale $299 HighTekBikes
HighTekBikes's picture
0 total HighTekBikes 6 years 28 weeks ago
Product Announcements around 0.3MΩ inner resistance,the best LFP lithium battery from china CHL lithium battery
CHL lithium battery's picture
67 total China-huali lit... 3 years 10 weeks ago
Dealer Deals August Promotional Special on Lithium Cells lithiumstorage
lithiumstorage's picture
0 total lithiumstorage 4 years 47 weeks ago
Official Announcements Automatic comment subjects Webmaster
Webmaster's picture
1 total Gman 9 years 21 weeks ago
Dealer Deals B & B battery dealers e-commuter
e-commuter's picture
9 total e-commuter 6 years 12 weeks ago
Dealer Deals Bad Chinese selers to avoid Lessss
0 total Lessss 8 years 50 weeks ago
Product Announcements BattEQ 60 volt Equalizer NEW NovaScooters
1 total jdh2550_1 8 years 9 weeks ago
EV Technical Service batteries overheating bizybily
3 total bizybily 4 years 2 days ago
Product Announcements Battery Star-LiFePO4/Li-Polymer batteries Eric-kayobatery
8 total kevin smith 7 years 14 weeks ago
Product Announcements Best non Vectrix UK scooter ? caseyfinnigan
caseyfinnigan's picture
1 total caseyfinnigan 8 years 6 weeks ago
Product Announcements Bicycle wheel animations Jabari
Jabari's picture
0 total Jabari 8 years 50 weeks ago
Product Announcements Bike shop opening featuring Liberty Electric Bikes johny b
3 total johny b 7 years 51 weeks ago
Product Announcements Brand New XM-3000 - the XM-2000 Replacement jdh2550_1
jdh2550_1's picture
38 total dshupp 8 years 1 day ago
Dealer Deals BSZ: October Specials ArcticFox
ArcticFox's picture
0 total ArcticFox 7 years 38 weeks ago
Dealer Deals BSZ: Sale ArcticFox
ArcticFox's picture
1 total ArcticFox 7 years 34 weeks ago
EV Technical Service Charger 'Human power assist" type bikes drivingblindwv
drivingblindwv's picture
2 total drivingblindwv 8 years 8 weeks ago
Official Announcements Cleaned up a little of the forum Webmaster
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0 total Webmaster 8 years 26 weeks ago
Product Announcements COMING IN 2009 - A new maxi scooter from rEVolution Electric Vehicles jdh2550_1
jdh2550_1's picture
31 total DaveAK 7 years 13 weeks ago
Dealer Deals Commuter 3500 Controller for EVT Z and R bikes NovaScooters
0 total NovaScooters 8 years 16 weeks ago
Custom Builds Completely rebuilt and esthetically perfect Electric AC FZR LiFePO4 Garnet Red Sparkle Battery Array Hi-Power and A123! JordanRock
JordanRock's picture
0 total JordanRock 7 years 1 week ago
Product Announcements CuMoCo C1xx vs. Vectrix VX-1 jdh2550_1
jdh2550_1's picture
23 total jdh2550_1 6 years 47 weeks ago
Electric Bicycles: A Guide to Design and Use
The End of Oil: On the Edge of a Perilous New World
Simply Car-free How to Pedal Toward Financial Freedom and a Healthier Life
Bottled Lightning: Superbatteries, Electric Cars, and the New Lithium Economy Essential to understanding the economic importance of lithium batteries
V3 Cycle Analyst for Electric Bikes Ebike Display The Cycle Analyst V3 dashboard with speedometer sensor and magnet is a great addition to any Ebike
The End of Growth: Adapting to Our New Economic Reality

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