Full suspension Dual Disc brake Mtn Bike

Cyclone Kit Electric Mtn Bike

You probably like me, are looking at all the different E.V.'s and seeing what's different on each members project. On mine the bike has 4 front chain wheels, 1 the outer front chain wheel is driven by the cyclone 720W motor, which I decided to mount in my own way as opposed to the conventional lower slung under the frame. The inner 3 front chain wheels are the std bike chain wheels. The trick was to bolt the original 3 chain wheels to the chain wheel supplied with the kit. This made a total of 4 chain wheels this enabled all the bikes original gearing.
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Far's Ebike In Progress

Gotta Love My Winter Tires I DO. :) Nokian Freddie's Revenz }:) http://www.suomityres.fi/sw336.html

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