Full suspension Dual Disc brake Mtn Bike

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Cyclone Kit Electric Mtn Bike

You probably like me, are looking at all the different E.V.'s and seeing what's different on each members project. On mine the bike has 4 front chain wheels, 1 the outer front chain wheel is driven by the cyclone 720W motor, which I decided to mount in my own way as opposed to the conventional lower slung under the frame. The inner 3 front chain wheels are the std bike chain wheels. The trick was to bolt the original 3 chain wheels to the chain wheel supplied with the kit. This made a total of 4 chain wheels this enabled all the bikes original gearing.
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Far's Ebike In Progress

Gotta Love My Winter Tires I DO. :) Nokian Freddie's Revenz }:) http://www.suomityres.fi/sw336.html

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