MB-1-E Part Nine: More parts arrive

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Still waiting on my jackshaft assembly and controller to arrive, they are both shipping out of Canada and it takes a while, I'm finding out.

I did get my new ESGE double kickstand today and got it installed. I like it!
It will really help get the chain drive and sprockets set right since it lifts the rear wheel off the ground.
Seems pretty stable and folds up nicely on the left hand side of the bike.

I ordered a 72 Tooth sprocket for the rear hub so I'd have a variety of sheaves/ sprockets to gear things up/ down as needed.

I also received a 1.75" O.D. V-belt drive Sheave that I ordered from Granger's a day or two ago ... man, they must use Overnight UPS shipping!

This gives me a bit of variety to choose from:
2" OD or a 1.75" od drive sheave on the motor
6" OD driven sheave on the jackshaft
22 Tooth drive sprocket on the jackshaft (freewheel)
60 Tooth or 72 Tooth driven sprocket at the hub

I received my DPDT toggle switch for switching from 12V charging to 24V run mode.

I received my new 116 link bicycle chain and installed and tried that out. Works great!

I put my brakes back together, so I can actually stop now, "this is a good thing."

I picked up a Speedometer, Odometer, Trip meter mini computer at Wally World yesterday and got that installed.

Still need to put my twist-grip throttle on, do some more wiring, I did get my 6Ga welding wire from McMaster Carr so I'll be ready when my controller arrives. I will be re-working my motor mount with steel flatbar and some brazed gussets to make it stout.
My brother is making the adjustable chain tension rods.

Things are coming together, still got a way to go.
I have a feeling that this is going to be a lot of fun to ride!

Dave (aka MB1-E)

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