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Good quality head- and tail-lights for electric bicycles or scooters, improving safety and visibility, at low energy cost

An electric bicycle or scooter has a big battery, so it might as well have bright lights. Bright lights help you see the road, and they help you to be seen by car drivers, considerably improving your safety. Even during the daytime bicyclists are practically invisible and need to use every trick available to be seen, to give the highest chance to avoid a car accident. At night it's even worse, because the bicyclist can easily blend into the shadows and not be seen until its too late.

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Electric bicycle conversion kits - easily and quickly electrify the bike of your choosing

With an electric motor, an electric bicycle is more practical than a non-powered bicycle. You can easily ride further with electric than non-powered bike, you can easily carry more cargo, and there's the practical benefit of possibly getting less sweaty making it more possible to ride the electric bike to work than a non-powered bike.

Once you've decided that you indeed want to own/ride an electric bicycle there's a choice between building your own electric bicycle versus buying a manufactured OEM electric bicycle.

With the OEM electric bicycle

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Electric bicycle: Enjoy the responsibility

The threat of global warming looms large over the face of earth and is attracting war scale measures from various quarters. However there is also a unique way of fighting global warming which is really fun filled. The electric bicycle has emerged as a suitable alternative to traditional vehicles and can help you to reduce your carbon footprints while you enjoy a joyful ride through the beautiful countryside!

Electric bicycleis finding a lot of acceptability across the whole world although there are different rules governing the electric bicycle in different countries. Thus in Australia the electric bikes and electric scooter have to comply with the Australian Design Rules(ADR) before the vehicles can be legally allowed on the roads. The ADR covers a whole range of vehicles which include self powered as well as motor propelled bicycle.

According to the Australian ADR a pedal cycle is one which has one or more propulsion motors attached to it having a maximum output of not more than 200 watts. Thus an electric cycle is basically a cycle which can be propelled with the help of an external device. The source of energy in the electric bike is generally clean fuel cells which provide a constant supply of carbon free energy.

The different rules pertaining to electric bikes basically throw light upon various important criteria relating to electric bicycles viz :

* Identity: The type of vehicles
* Type: The type of the vehicle as per law
* Maximum speed: The maximum speed at which the bike can travel
* Maximum power: The maximum engine power permissible
* Helmet: Is a helmet necessary.

All the above factors determine the design of the electric bike that will be launched in the market.

Electric bikes have come a long way since their early days of inception. The present day electric bikes are sleeker and can pack many features together. They are distinguished by the use of super light LiFePo4 batteries which makes them super light and also highly portable. You can carry the bike around with you wherever you go! Also the motor bicycle kit makes it possible for you to assemble the bike right inside your home by following some simple Do It Yourself steps.

Electric Bikes and Batteries offer electric bicycle kits. The website http://www.electric-bicycle.com.au provides complete information about the company.

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My E-Bike Experiment

My E-Bike experiment started two years ago while recovering from back surgery. I spent lots of money on crazy gadgets that I didn’t need while I was home on disability. Many of the stupid things I bought turned out to be a big waste of money but the E-Bike was not one of them. The E-Bike retrofit kit has turned out to the best purchase that I’ve made for a variety of reasons.

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I would eventually like to convert this into an E-bike

So this evening I have been doing some more research on appropriate hub-motor kit conversions.
In the future I am looking into converting my mountain bike into an e-bike on my own for the first time.
I would like to do this in order to save money on gas, I literally fork out $50 for a full-tank.
I have been looking into brushless hub-motor conversion kits for my bike. I have also heard of Crystalite on the forums
not sure if that would be more appropriate and less expensive?? I am mostly interested in using a rear-wheel hub motor.

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Happy Second Anniversary to Me

It's been two years now since that fateful flight from Atlanta. I'm sure we've all been there. You're bored. There's a SkyMall magazine. You flip though it not really intending to buy anything. Some of that stuff sure looks neat though. What caught my eye this time was an electric scooter. Small, quiet, efficient, and cool looking. Further research showed that the Rietti scooter was probably a piece of flotsam, but the seed had been planted. By the end of summer I had acquired a couple of ebikes, sold my car, and started an adventure.

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Crystalyte Owners Manual

For the convenience of our V is for Voltage Community Members and Guest, we temporarily share files as soon as we receive them. They are latter moved to our growing [node:399] where they will remain.
We really appreciate our friends sharing with us, and back them up in several locations for there safe keeping.

There is also a longer version of the Crystalyte Owners Manual in the growing [node:399].

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Getting around with an electric bicycle

Because electric bicycles have limited speed versus other vehicles on American roads you might think it's unsafe to ride a bike around, electric or otherwise. Electric bicycles generally are 20 miles/hr or thereabouts, and the equipment on an electric bicycle may not be safe for higher speeds. If you want higher speeds, my opinion is you should be riding a motorcycle because the motorcycle equipment is built for high speeds. Bicycling, electric or otherwise, also has the advantage of giving an opportunity to exercise, and the preponderance of fat butts in the U.S.

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MB-1-E Part Eleven: More Wiring

Hey All,

I finally got my batteries all wired with the DPDT switch so I can charge at 12V and run at 24V (both nominal voltages, as we all know AGM SLA's are a bit higher than that at full charge).

So I now have two battery banks, each has 4 - 9Ah 12V batteries. Each bank is in parallel and the two banks are wired in series through the DPDT switch.
Thanks to a few electrical wizards here I was able to get this right and it works like a charm.

I'm charging the full set right now using my Iota DLS-15 charger with QD4 three stage charge controller.

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