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MB-1-E Part Nine: More parts arrive

Still waiting on my jackshaft assembly and controller to arrive, they are both shipping out of Canada and it takes a while, I'm finding out.

I did get my new ESGE double kickstand today and got it installed. I like it!
It will really help get the chain drive and sprockets set right since it lifts the rear wheel off the ground.
Seems pretty stable and folds up nicely on the left hand side of the bike.

I ordered a 72 Tooth sprocket for the rear hub so I'd have a variety of sheaves/ sprockets to gear things up/ down as needed.

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Liberty E-bike

Liberty E-bike - This is a video of a Liberty 48 volt city electric bicycle. (LINK)

This bike appears to be using a "brushed" hub motor. And it appears that brushed motors tend to make a humming sound. Most "brushless" motors seems to be far quieter. (Also, see the Liberty Electric Mountain bicycle) [Cycle Santa Monica (blog)]

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