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Electric bicycle: Enjoy the responsibility

The threat of global warming looms large over the face of earth and is attracting war scale measures from various quarters. However there is also a unique way of fighting global warming which is really fun filled. The electric bicycle has emerged as a suitable alternative to traditional vehicles and can help you to reduce your carbon footprints while you enjoy a joyful ride through the beautiful countryside!

Electric bicycleis finding a lot of acceptability across the whole world although there are different rules governing the electric bicycle in different countries. Thus in Australia the electric bikes and electric scooter have to comply with the Australian Design Rules(ADR) before the vehicles can be legally allowed on the roads. The ADR covers a whole range of vehicles which include self powered as well as motor propelled bicycle.

According to the Australian ADR a pedal cycle is one which has one or more propulsion motors attached to it having a maximum output of not more than 200 watts. Thus an electric cycle is basically a cycle which can be propelled with the help of an external device. The source of energy in the electric bike is generally clean fuel cells which provide a constant supply of carbon free energy.

The different rules pertaining to electric bikes basically throw light upon various important criteria relating to electric bicycles viz :

* Identity: The type of vehicles
* Type: The type of the vehicle as per law
* Maximum speed: The maximum speed at which the bike can travel
* Maximum power: The maximum engine power permissible
* Helmet: Is a helmet necessary.

All the above factors determine the design of the electric bike that will be launched in the market.

Electric bikes have come a long way since their early days of inception. The present day electric bikes are sleeker and can pack many features together. They are distinguished by the use of super light LiFePo4 batteries which makes them super light and also highly portable. You can carry the bike around with you wherever you go! Also the motor bicycle kit makes it possible for you to assemble the bike right inside your home by following some simple Do It Yourself steps.

Electric Bikes and Batteries offer electric bicycle kits. The website http://www.electric-bicycle.com.au provides complete information about the company.

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Upgrading from SLA to LiFePO4

Some of you have been following my project to upgrade my little 180W ebike.
I have all ready posted on upgrading the hub motor from the 180W 36V system to the 1000W 48V system.
I promised to post on the performance when I got my new battery, and it finally came in.

I ordered a 48V 15Ahr LiFePO4 battery pack with BMS and charger from China off ebay for ~$250 shipped.
I hooked it up to the charger after unwrapping. I found the charger shut off after only 10minutes, so that means it did not self discharge during the 6 week boat trip it took to get here. Thats good news.
Another note is how they made it. Its simply duct taped together, but over all looks fine. IF I want to change the shape, I should be able to remove the tape and change it how I like.

In just a few minutes, I had it in the scooter.
There is nothing under the seat. That silver cube is the whole battery.
OK, its not pretty, but I will clean it up as time allows.

I finally got to go on a real test ride.
Here are the results:
Top speed is ~20MPH using a GPS.
It goes about the same speed up or down hill, so the speed must be governed by the controller.
It has plenty of torque. If I put my feet on the ground and pull the throttle, the front wheel will come up (but no, it wont wheelie while moving).
I can go up pretty steep hills with out loosing speed.
So far, I have gone about 8miles on the battery, and there is no noticeable drop in performance.
I pulled over and checked, and nothing (motor, controller, BMS or battery) was hot.

The only downer is that some times when accelerating from a stop (and pointing up hill) the current shuts off and then back on and off making a jerking motion. Since it did not do the same with the SLA batteries, I am sure that this is the BMS which came with the LiFePO4 system. It is protecting the battery from over current, or under voltage.
This tells me that I should have bought the 20Ahr battery, not for the additional range, but for the increased supply current under heavy load. Still, this issue is not common, and over all the bike is very ride-able, and I do not feel the need to order a larger battery.

So, the verdict:
Fun little scooter. Since I started with such a small frame, it is really light and maneuverable. The small LiFePO4 battery in the floor does not weigh much. The whole scooter weighs 32kg. It seems like is has plenty of range, and is fast enough to be usable. Also it is an e-bike, not a scooter. Only need a bike helmet, not license or registration. I am happy enough with it to want to finish off all the details like new lights and key switch. Get the regenerative breaking working and so on.


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