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Wilderness Energy BL-36 power problems

On my Wilderness WE BL-36 I have a solid red power light and a constant blinking green light on the controller when the battery 36V battery pack is connected. The battery pack is fully charged with a volmeter reading of about 37.1 volts on the SAE two prong flat connector.The batteries might be damaged because they got very hot and warped the plastic the last time they were charged?

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My E-Bike Experiment

My E-Bike experiment started two years ago while recovering from back surgery. I spent lots of money on crazy gadgets that I didn’t need while I was home on disability. Many of the stupid things I bought turned out to be a big waste of money but the E-Bike was not one of them. The E-Bike retrofit kit has turned out to the best purchase that I’ve made for a variety of reasons.

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My upcoming new project

For most of the year I've been pondering the usefulness of different types of vehicles. I have a 10 mile commute, a range that's pretty easily bikeable, especially with an electric assist. I see my waistline and I think I'd like to be skinnier, and I like riding a bicycle, etc. Which makes me think if I put all these ideas together, I'd like to be biking to work regularly rather than riding. Sure, riding a motorcycle you're out in the open air etc, but it's not much in the way of exercise.

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