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For most of the year I've been pondering the usefulness of different types of vehicles. I have a 10 mile commute, a range that's pretty easily bikeable, especially with an electric assist. I see my waistline and I think I'd like to be skinnier, and I like riding a bicycle, etc. Which makes me think if I put all these ideas together, I'd like to be biking to work regularly rather than riding. Sure, riding a motorcycle you're out in the open air etc, but it's not much in the way of exercise.

Earlier this year I bought a Giant Suede and grew to love the upright seating and totally laid back feel that the bike gives you. I've been riding that bike around quite a bit and really like the style. It's like something clicked in my mind, this is the riding experience I've been wanting forever. However....

I really like the xtracycle frame because you can carry a whole lotta stuff on it. I have an xtracycle frame installed on my stretch bicycle but unfortunately I messed up that bike and it's not ridable, so I've been wanting to install the xtracycle on another frame. Unfortunately the Suede is incompatible with the xtracycle. However...

The Xtracycle people will sell their frame pre-installed on an Electra Townie 21. Hmmm....

As of this evening I am the proud owner of an Electra Townie 21, navy blue in color.

The plan is to install the WE 36BD motor (which I already own) on the front, and install the xtracycle frame on the rear. The batteries are a dewalt pack I already have, right now it's two dewalt units, and I just bought three more to go in it. Since the bike is such a dark color I'll be adding some lights and reflector strips.

I think the Townie is even better than the Suede, in that the pedals seem even further forward than on the Suede. The forward position seems to give some interesting leverage advantages. Plus the bike weighs less than the Suede.

It seems totally 100% fitting to electrify an Electra.

- David Herron


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Now I'm picturing my Townie 21 with an extracycle attached. Yummy! The ultimate grocery hauler. Do you think the extra length will make it difficult to maneuver?

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I've had the xtracycle mounted on a regular mountain bike frame and didn't experience any maneuvering difficulty. I should be able to make a direct report within a couple weeks.

- David Herron,

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