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Ok so I actually bought a vectrix vx1 it was very cheap they seem to be that way now so I bought one, the battery is pretty much dead, but hey it's a project.
I have discovered something about the original vx1 battery that I haven't see posted anywhere else.

Each row of batteries are reading zero volts ok battery is done for right, wrong.

The thing I discovered is that if you pull out the rows of batteries and zap the whole row with a 12v car battery booster you can actually revive the row of nimh batteries enough to charge the whole row with an imax b6 ac charger.

This will charge the whole row of batteries in one go no need for a special charging system.

As they are out anyway you can check them over for damage, but bloody hell are they a pain to get back into that steel band thing that holds them together.

At present I've gotten up to finding around 6 bad cells out of the pack the other cells so far all seem to charge fine.

Any ideas where to get hold of some nimh batteries for scoot would be most welcome, otherwise i'm looking at bodging together some kind of battery replacement for each cell.

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