Vectrix only goes 20 miles

Hi my names Kevin and i have a vectrix 13 plate Lithium and im having problems with regards the quoted distance of 50 60 miles, im only getting at best 20 to 22 mlis, could any body point me in the right direction as to what i should be checking ? have I got some bad cells if so how hard is it to remove all to find the Batteries and again can you change bad ones out easilly.
thanks for any help.

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I'm not sure what capacity is indicated by "13 plate", but if it is the Li edition (not the Li+), you have 3.75kwh, which is the same as the original NiMH version, just with less weight. Their claim of 50-60mi needs a limit of 25-30mph, with few stops and starts. Anything over 40mph and you will use just as much energy per mile as the original, since aerodynamics become a much bigger factor than weight. May I ask what your riding habits are?

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