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Vectrix only goes 20 miles

Hi my names Kevin and i have a vectrix 13 plate Lithium and im having problems with regards the quoted distance of 50 60 miles, im only getting at best 20 to 22 mlis, could any body point me in the right direction as to what i should be checking ? have I got some bad cells if so how hard is it to remove all to find the Batteries and again can you change bad ones out easilly.
thanks for any help.

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how much would it cost to convert..???

does any body now how much it would cost to change to lifepo4 batteries to get lot better range ?? that would fit in the currant space that the old .( nickel metal hybrid ) are in and included in that is a bms system and could it run on the old electronics and use the old charger or would it have to be all new think there is a market for this conversation and if we are looking at the same size replacement what we actually gain in space and weight and range could we be looking at range of approx. 80+ miles and similar power would it be a big problem deer i say it cooling as the old batteries dreadfully need so .. so so much cooling man ???? and what sort of price are we looking at and what is the best type of bat and how long to charge the scoot ??etc etc ..


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