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Anyone know what is wrong with my VX1? I plug it in and the charger comes on for a minute with both battery and temp red lights lit and then turns off so I cannot charge it. The power gauge is on zero.

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Sounds like either a temperature sensor or a charger problem.

Sounds like burned out temp board.
Simply unplug them and see if it starts charging,it should.
After a while the charging current will drop to some amps but it should be charging.

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Thanks JimmyB, can parts be sourced from anywhere particular, if required?

Thanks prensel. I have just tried this but still it only charges for a minute then the charger and bike turn off. When repeatedly turned on and off, with a minute charged each time the left dash gauge does seem to indicate a small voltage increase. Perhaps the issue lies within the batteries, perhaps a dodgy battery cell or a few?

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Hi Chris,

I also had a very similar charging problem which was caused by the temperature sensors as previously mentioned.

Make sure you have both front and rear temperature sensor boards completely disconnected from the main harness and then try unplugging the mains and battery connectors from the charger for a few minutes and then plug them both in again (but not the temperature boards) and see if it makes any difference to the charging:

Check out this post to see how to remove the plugs from the charger.

When you say "The power gauge is on zero", do you mean that the charge current indicator function of the speedometer is simply not working, or do you mean that the battery power gauge is showing completely empty?

What voltage is displayed on the left hand gauge while it is initially charging?

Have you experienced any intermittent charging problems (or noticed an unusual smell coming from the front fairing) prior to this charging problem?

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Hello guys, I am brand new on this forum, I googled VX 1 charging voltage to confirm that I can plug it to 240 volts.
Also, I own both VX 1 and VX 2 and love them them both very much, I whished VX 2 had charger on board,but I just carry it under the seat, it take up all the space.
This being said, I had the very same problem with VX 1
the Problem was low amps /voltage drop availability.
The fix, charge it if 120volt outlet on its own line with its own power breaker 20 amps.
Please someone Confirms that I can plug to 240volts using the native 3 prongs male power cord from the luggage under rear seat. Thanks

I have a new esd charger if needed

My VX1 was sitting up for quite a while and will not charge. From what I hear, once it reaches a certain point, the onboard charger will not charge the batteries.
Is this true?

If so, how can I get the batteries charged?

Or, is there another possibility? Is there a fuse that could be out and if so . . where is it?

I have a charger i made that will do this for you

Cool . . how does it work? are you willing to share the plan?

Message me tomorrow. 9725339330

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