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EV Consficated by Municipality

Authority's Steal my Experimental EV Prototype,
The City has removed my 250w EV motorscooter and taken it to a landfill, without proper notice.

Does Big Oil, Plastic, Gambling, and Coal Fired Electric...have Absolute Power Over Alt. Renewable Energy Enthusists?
I have read about True Visionary's Tesla, Magnatron, Etc...Losing their Prototypes, and more...

I can imagine that any and all repression will be used to silence a person trying to follow renewable energy.

Collusion is the only term I can come up with, between Private Industry and the Municipality...

Sparky (new to blogging)

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My E-Bike Experiment

My E-Bike experiment started two years ago while recovering from back surgery. I spent lots of money on crazy gadgets that I didn’t need while I was home on disability. Many of the stupid things I bought turned out to be a big waste of money but the E-Bike was not one of them. The E-Bike retrofit kit has turned out to the best purchase that I’ve made for a variety of reasons.

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