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Shipping and receiving

Okay one thing I have been noticing a lot on the forum, is shipping and receiving problems of new scooters. It seems that a lot of folks who receive their new scooters(sometimes) end up having cosmetic damages.
I am just wondering how well these companies package their products well enough, to prevent damage (for travel).
In any case, if any parts are damaged (when you receive their product), you should be able to get a replacement part for free, in exchange for the broken or damaged part (especially if it's warrentied).

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Good and bad of $4 gas?

Interesting article; but will we actually start seeing less and less large vehicles and SUV's off the road? Looks like Hummer (GM) is not doing so great with sales :)
---> I remember I used to deliver their parts, ughg I despised carrying their "stuff".
ehem cough, chevy parts cough hummer.

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Okay I ran into this site while searching for something completely different hrmmm???
Anyone ever heard of these folks???

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Guide of available charging stations

I found this link on Google, and it's pretty much a complete list of charging stations available throughout
different states. You can either do a search by a color coded map or you can find charging stations lists by cities.
I am not sure how up-to-date this search engine is.

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Popular science and Portland

See this is why I love Oregon ;)
Portland was ranked #1 for America's greenest city

"The PopSci folks looked at electricity use, transportation habits, "green" living, and recycling habits".
"It says half its power comes from renewable sources, a quarter of the workforce commutes by bike, carpool or public transportation. And it has 35 buildings certified by the U.S. Green Building Council".

I am suprised that San Francisco ranked number 2 on the list!

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Hybrids just do not make any sence to me anymore

Okay so I had some time this morning to write up a quick entry for the issue that kept racking in my brain at 6am
this morning before I went to work. So had to jump on the forum of course and write a blog about it! :?

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CONVERT IT - By; Michael P. Brown

I happened to borrow the Convert It book from David. I startd reading it over the weekend
this would be a great book to really read through and gain information on how to build an EV, especially
for those who are completely new to the Ev world such as myself.

As it makes sence to me " Don't replace your car- Recycle it"

Convert it; explains why Ev's are so much more cleaner and more simple than the Internal combustion engine.

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My first EAASV meeting

I got to go to my first EAASV meeting yesterday, and it was rather interesting.
I obtained a lot of information and understood quite a bit by just listening and talking to some EV folks.
Richard Hatfield who was the main spokesperson for the meeting has quite an interesting background in the
automotive industry and EV's of 30 years experience (if i'm not mistaken).
There was this EV magazine that got passed around and when I took a look at it and read some of it I just started

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I over heard about Gyroscopes this evening and thought they were quite interesting.
I did not know what they were until I did a little internet research, pretty cool!
especially bicycles :)

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Kelly controller is hooked up for the elite project

This afternoon David and I were able to hook up the Kelly controller to the Honda elite.
However I kept scratching my head on this one :?
because the Kelly controller looked so much like an air filter to me???
Maybe because I am more familiar with general maintenance on vehicles?? I dunno, but I just kept thinking
of how the top part of the controller looked a lot like the fabric of a simple air filter.

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