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China EBikes (cyclone)

I bought two bikes, not running, off craig's list. The one had the throttle and brakes assembly was gone. I lucked out of this bought both, replaced and it worked. the second bike had a fried controller. This unit runs on 24 volt nicads, placed under the seat. I purchased a crystalyte controller and can not figure out how to hook up, the bike has 5 wires coming out of the motor (rear), the controller has only one three wire connector, Oh what to do ??

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The Rezistor - Main Power Check

I figured it would be a good idea to check the function of all the major components, so yesterday I hooked up the motor, controller, contactor, throttle, and one of the batteries. I have not yet purchased the main power cables, so I had to make do with whatever spare lengths of monster cable and bits of 18 ga wire salvaged from previous LED and cold cathode lighting projects. I also haven't purchased the switches yet, so some of the final contacts were made just by touching a wire to the contactor lead (this will be a keyswitch that initiates main power) and then touching two more wires together (this will be a rocker switch to engage forward or reverse motion). This probably wasn't the safest approach, but it was good enough.

After some fiddling, I finally got the motor shaft to turn, both forward and in reverse. (My creation LIVES!!! Bwahahahaaa!!!) I spun it up to full throttle, and didn't have any problems with the BMS of my 20 Ah YESA battery cutting out due to high current draw. But keep in mind that this was under no load, after all.

Two important things I learned through this exercise:

1) I will need a separate switch to engage forward motion after I engage the main power and before I start turning the throttle. If I turn on the main power while the forward switch is engaged, this results in a controller fault message. I was hoping to just be able to turn the key, twist the throttle, and go, but I suppose pressing one more button to engage the drive isn't much different than pressing the starter button on my ICE scooter.

2) THERE IS A MISTAKE IN THE WIRING DIAGRAM that was included with my controller. This took me a couple hours to figure out. Beware of this error if you are using a Sevcon Millipak SBPM controller. I don't know if this one-page diagram was produced by Sevcon or someone else, but the wiring is shown correctly in Sevcon's user manual. Basically, the throttle lead should connect to pin 10 on the molex connector instead of pin 11, otherwise you will get an "accelerator wire off" fault message from the controller.

Now I need to fit all these pieces in the scooter and figure out how much 4 gauge wire to buy. At $3.50 per foot for the stuff, I don't want to get much more than I'll really need.

Kelly controller is hooked up for the elite project

This afternoon David and I were able to hook up the Kelly controller to the Honda elite.
However I kept scratching my head on this one :?
because the Kelly controller looked so much like an air filter to me???
Maybe because I am more familiar with general maintenance on vehicles?? I dunno, but I just kept thinking
of how the top part of the controller looked a lot like the fabric of a simple air filter.

So we were able to hook it up and turned the throttle and the motor turned, finally! Yay!
However the side part of the motor (I think it's a large screw or baring??)
literally flew off of where it was attached from and then the belt bounced off. That was kinda exciting lol
David ended up trying to use another method to hold the belt in place
(I already forget the name of it, David if you could help me as to remember?? thanks lol)
That idea seemed to work there are some minor adjustments that need to be made to make it fit properly.

There has been some progress on the elite. I am still puzzled on the kelly controller geez. :)

2 speed controllers.... do they work?

Hey All, This is my first to post.

I’m seeing that people are selling all different types of ebike controllers. They differ in amps, volts and offer 2 speeds and even reverse. What does all this mean?

I have a new Crystalyte 48v 500w front hub motor on a 26” wheeled 3 speed cruiser style bike. I’m guessing I go about 23-5mph on the flats.

[Sadly I don’t like the battery weight/balance. I’m thinking about buying a large Trike and mounting the batteries low on the frame. I know I can buy lighter batteries, but these SLA are new 18ah and want to use them a while so I can learn more about ebikes and their pros and cons.]

Q1 - Can SLA lay on their side without issue?

Q2 - I’d like to go a bit faster when the road is open and flat. Is this possible with my motor and a 2 speed unit?

Q3 - What about reverse? This is not a biggie but what the heck.

Any readings you could direct me to would be great as well. I’m new to this and would rather learn from the people that know, rather than making a lot of mistakes.

Thanks for any input


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