2 speed controllers.... do they work?

Hey All, This is my first to post.

I’m seeing that people are selling all different types of ebike controllers. They differ in amps, volts and offer 2 speeds and even reverse. What does all this mean?

I have a new Crystalyte 48v 500w front hub motor on a 26” wheeled 3 speed cruiser style bike. I’m guessing I go about 23-5mph on the flats.

[Sadly I don’t like the battery weight/balance. I’m thinking about buying a large Trike and mounting the batteries low on the frame. I know I can buy lighter batteries, but these SLA are new 18ah and want to use them a while so I can learn more about ebikes and their pros and cons.]

Q1 - Can SLA lay on their side without issue?

Q2 - I’d like to go a bit faster when the road is open and flat. Is this possible with my motor and a 2 speed unit?

Q3 - What about reverse? This is not a biggie but what the heck.

Any readings you could direct me to would be great as well. I’m new to this and would rather learn from the people that know, rather than making a lot of mistakes.

Thanks for any input

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Re: 2 speed controllers.... do they work?

Well, I don't have any experience with the Crystalyte myself, but I've read a bit about them so here goes:

1. Yes. It's one of the touted "features" of SLA. Manufacturers always mention it with some kind of tagline like "special feature" or whatever.

2. I don't think so. From what I here, two speed controllers pretty much just limit the speed you can move at in low, and high just makes it work like a regular controller. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, please ;).
Your voltage and motor will pretty much determine your top speed. Unless of course you add some sort of turbo. Probably not a good idea unless you know what you're doing.

3. Reverse does what it says. Kind of useless if you ask me. I take issue with going backwards down a hill, and under power...
Pretty much asking to die.

The peeps around http://endless-sphere.com/forums/ should know alot about this sort of thing. They are pretty much centered around ebikes.

BTW, this should probably be under forum topic instead of blog. Just letting you know.

Re: 2 speed controllers.... do they work?

you can get a kit to turn 2 wheeler into a 3 wheeler.
j&b imports..... only sells to dealers, but talk to your local
bike shop.
a 2 speed controller acts like 2 controllers....1st speed is like having
a small controller..2nd speed, bigger controller. some hub motors will do 2 speed.
some may disagree but i think they are not the way to go.
why bother, do you want speed or
torque?....high amps = torque....high voltage = rpm. then combine the 2, high amp
& volts and hold on, thats power.
another way to get 2 speeds is to use 2 motors in a series/parallel circuit out of the
controller......2 motors act as its own differential.
1 controller, 1 spdt switch, 2 motors
ask Chas, he can draw you a circuit....if you care about that.

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