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EV Batteries

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Batteries and charger

Where can I get a good 48v/20ah charger that shuts off atomatically? Will get a new set a batteries. Last set cooked because the stock charger with my XB-600 did not shut off when charg was done. Any ideas wher I can get both? Thanks for info.

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Battery EXPERT needed

I have a 48v scooter that has 600w on the controller. What does that make the brushless hub motor? My batteries are 12v 12amp tab connectors. Are 14 and 20 ampers bolt conect only? I added another 12v 12amp batt.4 a total of 5 batts. How can I get more speed without doing any damage.

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XB-600, one year now

Had XB-600 for a year now. It still runs good, weak up hills thow. I may cooked/gassed (smell of rotten eggs, Hydrogen sulfide discharge?) my batteries during my first few charges. Only holds a charge for five to ten miles. The stock charger is a piece of junk. Green light don't come on and does not auto shut off! Question; Where can I get a good quality 48v charger?

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36V 10A LIPO Batteries

Where does one find a reliable, fairly priced, warranted 36V 10A to 20A LIPO Battery?

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Vego 600SX

I recently acquired a Vego 600SX but can't find new batteries to put in it since the company is out of business. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase dual 24V, 11.5 AH batteries?
Thanks for your help!

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Help Needed on Battery Selection

This is not a vehicle related issue, but I am hoping someone can help me. I have a homemade portable sterio system (4 speakers, amp, ipod) encased in a rolling cube cooler that currently runs off of an Optima deep cycle battery. It works great and lasts approx 12 hours before needing to be recharged. The Optima is 12v, 55Ah. However, the Optima battery is about 45 lbs, making the system quite heavy. I am looking to reduce the weight of my battery without significantly reducing my length of play. From my research, I believe that high amp hours are what I am looking for.

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Hi folks !

I am sorry I did not post anything new since a long time. My batteries died and winter arrived, so I was not in a mood to write anything new. But now spring is at our door ! There is still a lot of snow outside, but in a month or two I should be able to ride my Ebike Again !

Here is a picture of my backyard:


The little story of my batteries

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Okay I ran into this site while searching for something completely different hrmmm???
Anyone ever heard of these folks???

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