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I recently acquired a Vego 600SX but can't find new batteries to put in it since the company is out of business. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase dual 24V, 11.5 AH batteries?
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Sorry... that scooter uses an oddly shaped battery which isn't made. It's a matter of geometry however. There may be a way to construct a replacement.

The pack is 2 12v batteries in that oblong shape, but you know that. Measure the dimensions of these batteries.

Next, go to a site that carries a range of 12v sealed lead-acid batteries and look at the sizes. It's a geometry problem to find a smaller battery that will fit into the spot. If you're lucky you'll find a 12v battery small enough that 2 or 3 of them fill the spot. If so, connect those in parallel and then connect the two 12v pieces in serial.

In fact if you go to, at the bottom of the batteries page you'll see a discussion of what I just said.

An alternative is to do what I did with my 600sx. Gut the stock electronics but leave the stock motor. The tray will hold 3x 12v 12ah batteries pretty easily. There is enough space above the batteries for a 36v controller from e.g. You'll get a higher speed out of the scooter this way.

BTW - please please please check the front of your scooter where the steering tube and frame join up. Some 600sx's had a flaw where a crack would form in the frame at that spot. It's simple to get a welding shop to weld a small bit of metal over that to reinforce it. The frame can break and I'd hate to see you do a face plant at full speed. However I assume you've owned this scooter for awhile without flaw so maybe you're safe.

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savoy 29, i can recommend and their solution for vego batteries. it is a tight fit, but works fine. i have about a 7 month riding season and the batteries i buy from electric rider last about 2 years.

reikiman, do you have any detailed instructions for your 36V conversion? i have an extra vego and want to get more from it. but i have had some bad luck in the do-it-yourself scooter dept, (one polarity reversal is all it took). if you could show what you did and parts that you bought, maybe i could do the exact same.

or maybe someone reading this can recommend someone in the boston area who'd be willing to take this project on.



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