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My First EV Project

Here it goes!
I'm planning on converting my Puch "Free Spirit" from a 49cc gas powered bike to an EV with equal or greater power and a range of about 20 miles.

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JDH: Opinion Piece on why we should look to someone other than the Auto Industry to produce an all electric vehicle

This opinion piece was published in the Ann Arbor News in July. When it was published I realized quite how long it was (must have been a slow news day!). It ran in the Sunday edition with a large artist sketch of a Zap-X and the title "Idea for the Billionaires". Gosh, darn it - I admit it - this one was good for the ego.

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JDH: Opinion Piece on the GM EV1 after the anouncement of the Chevy Volt

This article ran in the Ann Arbor News in January '07. I wrote it after reading an editorial by the business writer that dismissed the EV1 as impractical and praised the Volt as exciting...

I share Mr. Haglund's excitement over the new Chevy Volt - it's a great way for GM to play catch up after being ahead 10 years ago. I wish them luck and I'd like to buy one. I would have preferred to buy an EV1 - but alas I won't have that chance.

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