Converting a Moped to Electric

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New Guy thinking about converting Honda Ruckus

Hi all,

So I have a Honda Ruckus that I ride around campus but lately it's been giving me problems. I'm thinking about converting it to electric. This means I need 3 things: time, money and resources. I believe I have these three things to an extent. I have all summer, about $2000 and experience and also friends who are very good with an MIG welder. I was thinking about getting a kit of some sort. Is there any out there that you would recommend? Also 48v and 20ah is what I'm thinking for LiFePO4 batteries. Will that get me 10-15 miles for range and get me up to 40mph?

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My First EV Project

Here it goes!
I'm planning on converting my Puch "Free Spirit" from a 49cc gas powered bike to an EV with equal or greater power and a range of about 20 miles.

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