My First EV Project

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Here it goes!
I'm planning on converting my Puch "Free Spirit" from a 49cc gas powered bike to an EV with equal or greater power and a range of about 20 miles.

I'm going to contact a company about getting a custom build kit, ( and I'll probably use a hub motor. The good thing about this 'ped is that it has a ton of space for batteries. If anybody has a suggestion on battery types please let me know. I'm not looking to spend a ton of money so I'm basically going for the cheapest parts that can still preform. (It's a balancing act)

That's as far as I've gotten with researching specific parts. I don't know much about controllers, or other parts, but I'm in the process of researching. I'll keep posting as I build and learn. By the end of this project I hope this blog can serve as a guide for people who are starting out as clueless as I am.

Oh, also the puch has peddles and a magneto that I'm thinking about using to power lights, or use to help it charge. I'm not sure how practical that is, but I'm going to investigate.

A little about me: I'm a College Student in Iowa. I'm just learning about mopeds and scooters because I bought my Puch this winter as a project bike. I got it up and running quite well learning as I went. Now, I want to convert it to electric power.

You might wonder why I'm converting it right after I got it going. I recently purchased a cheap new moped, that goes faster. I needed it because I got a job on the outside of town. So, now I have two bikes and only need one. The Puch is pretty B.A. so I want to keep it around and what better tribute to a great bike than to bring it into the future as a custom built BEV. (Also, the carb. cable is a pain, and I want to get rid of it forever).

Thanks for checking out my page and I look foreword to learning from everybody here on the Forums!


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Check out this user's blog: - not a Puch Maxi - but very similar. She used a motor intended for an RC plane and got good results. I don't recommend you use a hub-motor from EMS because they don't have them in the right size. You could try a bicycle hub motor but they might be a bit underpowered.

Good luck and have fun!

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