Battery EXPERT needed

I have a 48v scooter that has 600w on the controller. What does that make the brushless hub motor? My batteries are 12v 12amp tab connectors. Are 14 and 20 ampers bolt conect only? I added another 12v 12amp batt.4 a total of 5 batts. How can I get more speed without doing any damage.



If anybody has an extra set of peddle arms for an electric scooter so I can stay legal e-mail me at silverfl39 [at]

mark chojnowski

The "600w" means it can regulate a 600W load. That's about .9 HP. Bolt connect is better than tab connect.

The batteries are sized to the motor and controller. Crucially, the chassis, wheels, brakes, and suspension are also sized the the small amount of trouble you can get into with that size motor.


Im having some success with 5 12volt batteries (60v). BUT I'm like you all and want more. This e-bike has a 600w controller at 48v. I put another batt. for a total of 60v. My question is, has anybody tried 6 12volt batteries for 72 volts. And should i go another way to get more speed? Or has anybody heard about turning a screw in the speedometer for a bit more speed?

mark chojnowski

Open that controller and check the voltage ratings of the electrolytic capacitors (it will be printed on their side). They probably will be 60V caps. In the wild and wacky world of electrical devices, the voltage ratings are real: A 60V cap will turn into a firecracker if you put 70 volts across it.

At 60V, your motor is putting out 750 watts already.


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