XB-600, one year now

Had XB-600 for a year now. It still runs good, weak up hills thow. I may cooked/gassed (smell of rotten eggs, Hydrogen sulfide discharge?) my batteries during my first few charges. Only holds a charge for five to ten miles. The stock charger is a piece of junk. Green light don't come on and does not auto shut off! Question; Where can I get a good quality 48v charger?


As I've written here before, I strongly recommend a series / parallel plug wiring system for the pack.

I run parallel leads out to a gang Anderson PowerPole terminal on the side of the battery box. A common good quality 12V charger is then connected to the pack terminal with another Anderson PowerPole connector, wired in parallel, to charge.

To run, the controller is connected to another Anderson PowerPole connector, wired in series to get the full pack voltage.

Parallel charging allows each battery to take its needed share of electrical energy. If one battery has a smaller capacity, its internal resistance will go up, shunting its current to any battery that still needs it. When ALL batteries are up to their full charge, the charging stops. In series charging, the weakest battery (smallest capacity) must pass current until the stronger batteries are charged. This cooks the weak one, further weakening it. This is not good.

I still use the stock charger as a simple "opportunity charger" when I find myself near an outlet in the middle of the day.

The actual rewiring takes a while, but the payoff is a more reliable battery pack. (I also used 10ga wire instead of the stock 14ga, which HAS to reduce voltage sag under load.)

Pack circuit

Anderson plug:

Battery pack:


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