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Batteries and charger

Where can I get a good 48v/20ah charger that shuts off atomatically? Will get a new set a batteries. Last set cooked because the stock charger with my XB-600 did not shut off when charg was done. Any ideas wher I can get both? Thanks for info.

XB-600, one year now

Had XB-600 for a year now. It still runs good, weak up hills thow. I may cooked/gassed (smell of rotten eggs, Hydrogen sulfide discharge?) my batteries during my first few charges. Only holds a charge for five to ten miles. The stock charger is a piece of junk. Green light don't come on and does not auto shut off! Question; Where can I get a good quality 48v charger?


How do you remove the battery cover. One of the handles has come out, minus the bar or screw holding it there. I've turned the key lock as instructed. but still stuck. Hopefully I don't have to disassemble. Other than that assembly was simple for me and my first test ride was good. No damage during shipping. Took two weeks from Electric Vehicle Mall for delivery via Fed-Ex to my door. All for $1024.95.

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