How do you remove the battery cover. One of the handles has come out, minus the bar or screw holding it there. I've turned the key lock as instructed. but still stuck. Hopefully I don't have to disassemble. Other than that assembly was simple for me and my first test ride was good. No damage during shipping. Took two weeks from Electric Vehicle Mall for delivery via Fed-Ex to my door. All for $1024.95.


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Hippy, I had that problem with the battery box lock and key! After playing with the key awhile, I got it to work more consistently!! The battery is heavy and I think I had to push down on the lid to get the locking bar unpressured/ unstuck or did I have to pull-up while turning the key? "PEACE OUT" snowryder

Yeah, I'm wrestling with that also. The key is turning in the lock, but corrosion has frozen the bolt, so it won't retract. I think I'll have to cut an access hole in the top deck of the battery cover to be able to push on the bolt. (I'd rather do that than merely cut through the bolt.) I haven't looked, but the lock mechanism might be accessible from the underside...

If the lift handle is missing/broken, you might be able to thread some parachute cord through the holes in the top to make a lifting bail. I don't see ANY way you would be able to lift it with one handle! A fall back would be to excavate a hole or two in the skid plate
and bucket under the battery box

so you could push it out...


The battery box was obstructed by a piece of battery box side. I used a putty knife to push aside. Man the batteries are heavey, and do get quit warm during charging.

So far the XB-600 runs good. A slug up moderate hills. Thats okay. It gets me A to B fine. Still learning the quirks. Brakes are a little weak for now. I adjust them when they break in. I've done biycle and auto mechanics, so thats easy for me. Will be checking voltages and rotating batteries later after a few charges. Thank god for OHM's law. It's fun to ride thow. My neighbors love it, they say it's cute. A liitle to quite. Have to use horn a lot to let people I'm near.

I agree fully with your observations. If you feel your speed up a hill is too slow, try putting a friend on your scoot and biking alongside up that same hill! My wife and I ride the same route to work, and her effortless grin on the scoot rather drowns out my puffing on my bike.

Re: brakes, yes they're anemic. Fortunately, the dynamic braking is fairly robust, amounting to a third brake. To test this, try turning off the ignition going down a hill. Now, Mr. Volt won't be helping you to stop. (This is not the same as regen braking; the energy is converted to heat, I believe. The XB600 DOES feature regen speed limiting when coasting above about 23 MpH.)

Keep a CLOSE eye on the power connectors between the controller and the motor (the five phase control wires from the Hall-effect sensors are not as stressed). If you're "bogging" it up hills, there's a lot of electricity running through those skinny wires. Even the least bit of corrosion will produce a hot spot that will quickly melt the plug. I replaced the power connector with a RadioShack grub screw terminal strip.


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