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Good and bad of $4 gas?

Interesting article; but will we actually start seeing less and less large vehicles and SUV's off the road? Looks like Hummer (GM) is not doing so great with sales :)
---> I remember I used to deliver their parts, ughg I despised carrying their "stuff".
ehem cough, chevy parts cough hummer.

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A123Systems-Cobasys and Johnson Controls-Saft to Supply GM with Li-Ion Batteries for Plug-in Hybrid Development Program

GM has awarded advanced battery development contracts to two suppliers to design and test lithium-ion batteries for use in the Saturn Vue Green Line plug-in hybrid SUV. One contract goes to the recently announced A123Systems-Cobasys partnership, the other to Johnson Controls–Saft Advanced Power Solutions, LLC, a joint venture between Tier 1 automotive supplier Johnson Controls and Saft.

Click her to read the entire article.

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