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Okay one thing I have been noticing a lot on the forum, is shipping and receiving problems of new scooters. It seems that a lot of folks who receive their new scooters(sometimes) end up having cosmetic damages.
I am just wondering how well these companies package their products well enough, to prevent damage (for travel).
In any case, if any parts are damaged (when you receive their product), you should be able to get a replacement part for free, in exchange for the broken or damaged part (especially if it's warrentied).
I wonder how well online scooter companies handle these types of issues.

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I'm new to the site and also a new ower of a Zapino. I'm interested in owner satisfaction and helpful hints.
Thanks and nice to meet you.

Hi Zapmat it is nice to meet you as well! Welcome to the forum by the way :)

FYI I am not a dealer

One of the reasons why I wanted to bring up this subject in regards to customer service.

How satisfied are you of your Zapino? (I have not yet had a chance to purchase a scooter, but I would like to in the future). When you received your product was it in good condition? If not, how did you handle the problems?
How did the dealer handle your problems as well?

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