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My first EAASV meeting

I got to go to my first EAASV meeting yesterday, and it was rather interesting.
I obtained a lot of information and understood quite a bit by just listening and talking to some EV folks.
Richard Hatfield who was the main spokesperson for the meeting has quite an interesting background in the
automotive industry and EV's of 30 years experience (if i'm not mistaken).
There was this EV magazine that got passed around and when I took a look at it and read some of it I just started
realizing that I remember bringing up certain subjects on the forum. Interesting. It was almost like "Aha"!
Since David brought up EV's to me, I literally had no idea that they had existed since the 1800's nonetheless!!!
There is a lot of history in Ev's that I just didn't realize.
Oh there is your usual hybrid but it's still half gas/half electric. I just think that Ev's are truly amazing
piece of work and it's something to be considered for our future.
Anyway, I have attached my pictures that I took with my camera phone yesterday.
I got some decent shots of both batteries and motors :) ;)

Evbike1.jpg Evbike2.jpg
Evbike3.jpg Evegauges.jpg

I think the person sitting in the EV car is the owner

I would get clausterphobic in one of these!

Okay this is a picture of the motor and batteries of the EvCar that was at the meeting.
If you look carefully they somehow managed to put a power strip cord and plug in everything, very clever :)
The pic also looks like a modern piece of art, haha interesting how I managed to get it to look like that.
It's just that by looking at this design the motor with the batteries look so simple and safe for the enviornment
compared to an internal combustible engine because, you can't compare it

I am starting to believe that the more Electric Vehicles get noticed, the more people and more communities will become more aware of what oil and gasoline does and how these things are harmful to our environment.
We want to live longer and live healthier lives, now is the time to take action and become involved in changing the world. I have just never realized-------


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