ZEV (Z Electric Vehicle Corp)


An electric vehicle company making motor scooters from 2000 watts to 8,000 watts. The major advantage of a ZEV is in the robustness of the parts, the two year warranty, the unusual performance, and it is made in the USA. The company has a USA VIN number and does all final assembly in the USA so the bikes can be test driven and the quality more controlled.

The company uses Chinese bodywork so the bikes look similar to some Chinese bikes. But the frames are much different, more robust, gusseted as they are used as taxi hauling sidecars in some countries and as delivery vehicles pulling trailers and the company owners are handling freaks. The brakes are bigger than any other scooter on the road compared to the weight of the vehicle The motors have cooling built into them. With motors to over 8,000 watts and motors on prototypes to 12,000 watts, with some bikes able to run right to 100 mph, the bikes offer far more performance than any other electric bike.


Well I looked at all the pages , No pic's that page will not come up ! the pic's at the top of your home page look an offulle lot like mountion chen's xm3000 What"s up LaTeR

thank GOD I wake up above ground !!!!

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hi sir .of zev electric scooter.
i have noticed a few discrepancies on your web site .
am i right in saying that your scooter will do. 84 miles range at 12 mph.
sorry to be negative....
but i am shure that if i managed to find a flat road with no vehicles about to knock me down at 12 miles an hour
am shure that i could sqweez out same distance out of my vectrix but
i think this is a point less speed to advertise as too dangerous to do these speeds/ not practical.....
and i think that 30 mph on the maximum speed is a real world test .
also under the seat you show a jacket under the seat .but can it fit a full face helmet ?????
and also noticed that the picture the break pads looks like it isen't quite covering the full with ?? is this the case
good luck with selling the scooters kev

Check the web site at www.zelectricvehicle.com You should have no problem.

As for looking like Chen's bike. As the writeup said - we use existing bodywork to cut costs. The bodywork is from a gas bike. That's where the resemblance stops. Focus your blind eye on the brakes, frame, controller, motor, instruments. Clearly not the same. Notice there is no fake plastic mufflers over the swingarm and other clear signs of Chinese manufacturer.

Sorry for a very late reply. I live on the road out of the country. First time I visited back here in awhile. We are doing a rollout of models next month with the 5700 watt and trying to finish testing on the 7000.

DH Zehrbach

There is no discrepancy. It would appear that you read only the slowest speed range posted for the bike. I assume you also read that it ran 50 miles an hour for 54 miles. Read up 2 lines. Which is far faster than the 30 mph you suggest. Did you miss that?

To the counter, the reason the low speed is listed is that some buyers have asked how far they could eke out at a low speed while puttering around on beach and country back roads at low speeds. They only drive 12-15 mph, but cruise around on the flat. Not everyone drives in traffic or has the same use. So we try to give everyone what they ask for as best as we can.

My Shoei full face is a small. It fits under the seat.

Must be the angle of the shot of the brakes. The puck sits near the edge of the disk, but its full on it.

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I have a question about the alternate motor controller options:

All of the bikes can mount the controller either on the drivers left side rear or under the seat in a concealed position. (For very hot climates the side position is better. For everyone else the clean under the seat option is the best). The units can be switched to either position at will.

How do you prevent exposure of live cables in case of an accident? I assume that there must be a direct positive and negative cable from the battery to the motor controller. Is there any risk it might get exposed due to a collision or other accident?

This information may be used entirely at your own risk.

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