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There are many kinds of connectors that crimp onto a wire. These connectors serve a wide variety of purposes, which all relate to joining wires together to make circuits.

A crimp-on connector has an end of a wire inserted into it, and then you crush the connector in a specific way so that it grabs the end of the wire. Often one uses a crimping tool, but in some cases pliers can do the job. In some cases there are special purpose crimping tools for specific connectors.

It is arguably a good idea to also solder a wire to a crimp on connector. Many claim that a crimp on connection doesn't give a good enough electrical connection, and that soldering does a much better job. Some do not crimp at all but only solder. While others only crimp and do not solder. Clearly to each their own.


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It's great the you are adding some basic instructional information.

Wonderful idea, but some pictures may also be nice, for the "visual learners" out there.

If you only crimp and do not solder than it is advised to dip the wire into a antioxider like noox if the connector is exposed to moisture or salt water (sea watter or salted streets for freezing weather )soldering will prevent a bad connection but the copper wire will corrode at the end and into the rubber or plastic sheething and rot the wire without the added protection. a lot of headlight and taillight malfunctions are because of wet conditions . :P

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That's why it's good to use an adhesive lined heat-shrink tube over the end.

Here's some: EV Source.

For crimping large lugs, a hammer crimper may be used. It is probably necessary to buy heavy type lugs that are designed for crimping. EV source carries some.

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